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Noordkade Veghel

Cirrha project banner

changing style on location
Anita by Carla van Iersel Photography
Behind the scenes
Mad Maggie by Satela Photography
Poisoned Cogs Creations
Poisoned Cogs Creations Photoshoot, Model LaVero by Wendy Steenmans Photography
Soft Romantic
Anita by Carla van Iersel Photography
Ardennes Weekend
Ardennes Weekend
Back to Roots
Ingeborg Steenhorst’s “Back to Roots” Fashionshow at FemMe 2015

update April 2 2017

Ok so here it is, and it took me a long time to come to this decision. I am taking down my facebookpage. In a week from now I am taking down the pictures that are on here. I will move the pictures from shoots and projects that I have done to my personal page. My wordpress blog will stay online for now. But I am not sure if will keep it up. All of my social media pages are being shut down in the upcoming week.

I simply cannot find the time to do this properly and it is annoying to me that I can’t live up to my own standards for keeping up this page, youtube, instagram and facebook. therefor the blog will stay on for now and of course my personal page will stay up. But I am seriously cutting back on social media. Any project I will do in the near future will be on my blog or on my personal page. And my focus will be on reinventing me 🙂

Me and my family are having a tough road ahead and I need to find a way to incorporate my creative side into this picture. So all of you are more than welcome to follow my blog on wordpress: http://www.avarietyofblah.wordpress.com and I will get to work on that reinventing myself as a mom, make-up artist and blogger

So for now thank you very much for all your love and support 🙂

It’s Picture book Time!

We all use digital photography nowadays..


but I can’t help loving the touch and feel of a printed photo on decent paper, preferably in a book.

And that’s when this opportunity came around. Many of us have used printing software to create memory keepsakes. Here in the Netherlands for consumers we have Albelli or even Pixela to create photo books. I saw a shout out from Saal-Digital.nl that they were looking for people to review their products. I applied, well I needed an update on my portfolio anyway, to review the process of creating and ordering one of their products. In return I would receive a voucher to cover the costs or at least a part of it.

Since they were looking for professionals and bloggers I applied as a blogger and I got selected.


And here the adventure started. Continue reading “It’s Picture book Time!”

Wintersday Shoot

So now and then I take part in the Gotcha Photo Group Shoot days.

And here are the results of the Winter Shoot we have done recently. More Pictures will be added.

No Halloween make-up..

And the reason is very obvious..

This time of year YouTube explodes with Halloween tutorials and this year I really did not feel like it.. Everybody is doing sugar skulls and zombies or any other sfx type tutorial. So i figured not me this year. This year I am going to spend it with my loved ones at home watching scary movies and stuff.

And with so many fab tutorials online I figured why not make a top six of Halloween Tutorials on YouTube and the best thing yet.. none of them require special effects make-up products! So enjoy!

Nikkie Tutorials

The Make-up Chair


Spankie Valentine TV


Jaclyn Hill

I hope you like these video’s and maybe they will give you some Ideas for the rest of this weekend and if not maybe for next year!

Happy Halloween




Freak Chique Adventure Femme & W2 Den Bosch (NL)

Wow what a rollercoaster ride this has been..

Now let me start that for me working with most people is a great honor. But working with Ingeborg Steenhorst is more than that. She is so talented and gifted. I admire her perseverance and creativity.

Now this year my aid was requested to support the Make-up team especially to do the grease paint of the gents of Cirrha Niva. Whom I have worked with before at their Album’s artwork photo shoot.

Cirrha Niva_Out Of The freakshow Promo Pic_Band_F02

Picture by Tim Tronckoe

The first show we did was during the amazing Femme (FeMale Metal Event) festival  at the Effenaar in Eindhoven. And get in time was 9:30 So anyone who knows me a little I was excited to be there and freaking nervous. Continue reading “Freak Chique Adventure Femme & W2 Den Bosch (NL)”

Noordkade Photoshoot

An impression of the photoshoot HEROINCHIC At Noordkade Veghel.

Let me know what you think ♥

Noordkade Veghel